A Brief Introduction to JAMstack

If you want to live, work, and play at the cutting edge of modern web development and feel like a rockstar doing it, you need to get amongst the JAMstack. If you haven’t heard the term before, I imagine there’s one question at the forefront of your mind.

What is JAMstack?

The JAM in JAMstack stands for Javascript, APIs, and Markup. The term refers to a modern process and structure for building websites that provide innumerable benefits over other older methods of web development.

Faster Content Delivery

The most commonly cited benefit of JAMstack sites is the significantly improved content delivery speed compared to other kinds of websites.

Subsequent benefits of faster content delivery include better user experiences, and improvements in SEO as Google increasingly favours sites with fast load times and short times until interactivity.

Cheaper Deployment

JAMstack sites don’t depend on web servers, which totally eliminates one of the costs of getting your brand online.

The output of JAMstack development is simply a collection of files that run in the browser of visitors to your site. This means that JAMstack sites can easily be served by CDNs at high speeds for a low cost.

Most of the projects I work on utilise Netlify’s CDN, which is free for the scale of operation I commonly work at, and delivers content at lightning fast speeds.

Shorter Development Time

I’m head over heels in love with the JAMstack for two main reasons - development speed and flexibility. I find developing websites with Gatsby intuitive, fast, and creatively liberating.

I can design a site wireframe and build a working draft in a really short time, then get to work implementing any code or complex styling needed to make a site unique.

Gatsby (and other JAMstack site building tools) provides such a robust foundation for design and development that inspires me and gives me confidence that I’ll be able to deliver on my clients’ needs.

A Winning Solution

The speed and flexibility of development, low cost of entry, and lightning fast content delivery make JAMstack sites a winning solution for most web dev projects in my eyes.

If there’s a better solution for quickly building visually stunning, high performing websites, I’m yet to hear of it.