Frontend Development

The Best of an Excellent Platform

I believe in laying strong frontend foundations to enable the confluence of all things good on the web. I build from strong foundations to make good frontends that combine performance, accessibility, clarity, and visual appeal which lead to measurable outcomes for businesses and organisations.

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Lightning Fast

Website performance is important - no bones about it. I take pride in building performant frontends using a wide range of technologies including React, Svelte, WordPress, Astro, and more.

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Visually Stunning

I have experience designing visually stunning websites for clients across a wide range of industries. I combine my development & design skills to address issues and avoid pitfalls during design, rather than during development.

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On Brand & On Message

A well-built website means nothing without good content and messaging. I use my extensive freelance and agency experience to create conversion-focused websites that are on-brand and on-message.

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I believe in the importance of making content accessible to all users from a philosophical and business outcome perspective, and make every effort to work towards WCAG standards during development.

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Environmentally Friendly

I care about the underdiscussed issue of information technology energy consumption. I've written about the topic, and do my best to make environmentally-friendly development decisions.

Let's Spin Some Yarn

I love hearing about your creative projects! If it sounds like I'm the right person for your project, or if you'd like to know more about me and discuss some finer details, please get in touch.

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